Why Shopify Is The Best E-Commerce Platform In The UK And Australia To Enhance Sales When Selling On Instagram

Enhance Sales When Selling On Instagram
Do most of your sales come from Instagram? If yes, you need to ensure that you win a massivenumber of customers. However, this is not easy. You can spend most of your time looking for customers but fail. It is for this reason why you need to integrate your online store with Instagram. Although with Instagram you will tell your audience more about your products, an online store is essential because it will allow the customers to make quick purchases. Also, they will get an opportunity to filter your products according to price, color, and sizes. To create a professional online store, you need to consider an e-commerce platform.
However, with Shopify, you can sell efficiently without creating a website. Instagram has shoppable posts that will allow customers to shop directly from them. You will only require integrating Shopify and Instagram. Let have a clear view of the benefits of using Shopify to sell on Instagram:

Mobile responsiveness

Most Instagram users prefer the mobile device. They view it as a challenging task to always be in a room to browse. However, most of the retailers are making a mistake of creating an online store that does not support mobile. They hinder customers from purchasing their products. Shopify will help you to reach a massive audience because of its responsiveness. Its templates support various devices to allow Instagram users to navigate quickly through the store by use of mobile.
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Shopify comes with integrated payment gateways

Each business involves payments. And because you want to win more customers and increase sales, you need to enhance their experience. You can achieve this by making them purchase quickly and safely. Shopify will help you to improve sales when selling on Instagram because of its integrated payment methods. With this, the buyers will have a short and clear check-out process.

Shopify integrates with various sales channels

Selling on Instagram can be a challenging task especially for the newbies. You can spend more time trying to set up your store and to integrate with Instagram. However, with Shopify, this will be easier. It integrates with various sales channels to allow you to sell with ease. With this, you will not require a designer to help you, and you will save a massive amount of money.

Shopify multilingual and multiple currency features

Each business involves communication. However, language is becoming a barrier for many companies. They fail to offer the required information to the customers. Because Instagram has people from different regions, you need to ensure that they understand your message. You can use Shopify to sell on Instagram successfully. It has reliable multilingual feature. With this, the customers will understand your message regardless of the language you use to send a message. Also, it has a multi-currency feature to allow customers from various places to make purchases with a method of choice.
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Shopify will enhance your business growth

When selling on Instagram, you will drive traffic as well as sales. However, this doesn’t mean that you will run a successful business. You can improve sales but encounter challenges of your site collapsing. This will be due to overloading. To avoid this, you need to consider Shopify. It will cater to your business needs. Its scalability feature will enable your site to handle a tremendous amount of work.

Shopify will enhance the customers’ experience

Customers are the main contributors to your business success. Without them, you will run a business of low income. Shopify will help you convert Instagram followers to customers. It has a high level of security feature to allow the customers to make purchases without encountering losses. Also, it has offers and promotion features to enable your customers to save money during purchases. With this, you will effectively sell on Instagram and increase sales.