3 Tips to Boost Your Sales When Selling with Instagram in Australia

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3 Tips to Boost Your Sales When Selling with Instagram in Australia

Selling online is the new buzz. Everyone is turning to online selling and launching a store. This trend is taking shape in Australia. With homegrown e-commerce platforms such as Shopify offering affordable packages, no one should miss an opportunity to virtualize their business. However, this trend is leading to stiff competition across all niches.

Any entrepreneur willing to stand out must come up with new strategies to outpace their competitors. Selling on Instagram is one of the most powerful approaches. The approach follows the social selling aspect which leads to more successful sales. But if you do not know how to go about it, your efforts will bear no fruits. If you are a webpreneur seeking to boost your sales on Instagram, here are 3 tips:

Utilize your current social media following

Your network is a crucial element in your online success. As a webpreneur, your social following is the first place to start your selling journey. This group consists of friends and followers who trust you. Also, if you have a business page on Facebook, you have a crowd of customers who trust your brands. When selling on Instagram, this is the audience you need to leverage. Inform them that you are now on Instagram. Also, you should tell them that they can shop your products from there and share the page with friends. This way, you will enhance your sales.

Enhance the hashtag potential

One of the powerful weapons in boosting your online sales on Instagram is hashtags. They are the weapons for enhancing social engagement. Developing a hashtag for your brand can help you to reach out to a wide audience.  Also, you have an opportunity to build a strong and loyal following. Instagram offers a chance to create 30 hashtags. You can utilize this chance to enhance your brand awareness. Or else, you can use your niche hashtags to spread the news about your products on Instagram. With this, your sales will increase.

Post on the right time

Posting time is a powerful aspect of Instagram. Unlike other social media platforms, time is the ranking fact. Your feeds appearance depends on the time you post them. In this essence, you must keep track of the best time your target customers will be online. You can use automated post scheduling tools such as Buffer and SocialPilot. This way, you will harness your posting convenience and boost your sales when selling on Instagram.

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