Here Are 3 Powerful Shopify Apps You Need to Harness Your Instagram Sales

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Here Are 3 Powerful Shopify Apps You Need to Harness Your Instagram Sales

As a Shopify store owner, being on social media is unavoidable. Social media is among the most effective selling channels. With more than half of the world’s population on social platforms, leveraging its power can push you to your niche kingship. The social media transforms the virtual business into social interactions. It brings in the social element in the virtual world.

Instagram is one of the powerful social tools. This platform has a following of over 500 million active users per month. With this potential, you can affirm that this is an online market which no webpreneur can ignore. As a Shopify store owner utilizing this potential can enhance your competitiveness in your niche. However, you need some tools to harness your Instagram sales. Here are the top three such tools:

Flight Plan

Having a well-integrated retargeting strategy is essential to every person looking forward to succeeding online. Whether you’re selling cosmetics or electronics, you need a way of reaching out to customers who show interest in your products. One of the places to reach out to them is on Instagram. In enhancing your retargeting on social platforms such as Instagram, Shopify provides you with the Flight Plan app.

This app enables you to integrate your advertising strategy and retarget your ads on social platforms. This ensures you secure and as well as enhance retarget sales. Also, you can customize you’re retargeting ads to reach your destine customers. With this app, you reduce the rate of your cart abandonment. The best thing is that the app is free. Hence, it is a good tool for harnessing your e-commerce sales.


Are you centralizing in visual and influencer marketing? Probably, having a tool that enables you to combine these approaches can be a good idea. Pixelshop is the best tool when it comes to this activity. This Shopify app provides you with a feature that enables your customers to buy products directly from your Instagram images and pictures. The customers do not need to visit your online store to buy what they need.

This way, you enhance their convenience and boost your sales. Also, the tool enables you to build a strong relationship with influencers showing interest in promoting products listed on your Shopify store. Through this, you enhance your social proof as well as boost your sales. 

As you can see, these powerful tools are crucial in realizing your sales goals when selling on Instagram with Shopify. Hence, you should consider them.

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