What Are Shoppable Tags and Why Do You Need Them

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What Are Shoppable Tags and Why Do You Need Them

Is this you? You have been on Instagram for some time. You have built a consistent following of people who believe in you. Now you want to transform your account into a selling channel. You have had success stories from your friends. Most of them are making a million dollars from their accounts. For you, the account is for fantasy and sharing personal images. You have never made a coin from it.

After some research, you have come across professional advice urging you to move to convert your Instagram account into a business one. However, you’re yet to move on to the next step. One of the barriers is shoppable tags. You do not know what they are and how to use them. Do not worry. Here is an explanation about them.

What is a Shoppable tag

Probably, you’re conversant with tagging. This activity is common on Facebook. When you want to add a person in your images or pictures as well as content, you click the tag icon. The same approach applies to Instagram. An Instagram Shoppable tag is a one-click highlight on your item where customers can view them and purchase. It works the same way a tag in Facebook functions. The difference is in this platform; it contains information about the products you are offering.

When a potential customer hovers on your items with shoppable tags, they will see small white dots on sale items that display product description and prices of the items. Also, it has a black arrow that directs the clients to your online store where they can place their orders.

Why do you need the Shoppable tags?

These tags are crucial in boosting your sales. The tags enhance your sales in your online business. Here is how:

They enhance your customer experience

Customer experience is vital in strengthening your business performance. The experience of your customers when they visit your online selling channel determine whether they will purchase your products or not. The shoppable tags help you to enhance your customer experience ranging from discovery to closing the deal. This way, you secure a large percentage of all potential sales.

It enhances your competitive advantage

Certainly, e-commerce is a competitive industry. Your niche is not secure to this too. For this reason, you need to come up with strategies for enhancing your sales. Instagram shoppable tags improve your competitive advantage. It takes you to one step ahead of your competitors which boosts your sales.

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